Stay tuned

I am Writer on the Verge, commonly known as WotV. I am an avid reader and, as my name suggests, a writer. I have had blogs over the years that have been personal and/or humorous… or both. Having ghostwritten a number of book reviews, I decided it was time to start my own review blog.

If you already know me, you know my blog will likely be different than other book blogs. If you don’t know me… you will.

So, what should you expect? Um… I’m not sure. I don’t like book reviews that reveal too much. I don’t even read book jackets. I can’t stand those reviews that are about 20,000 words long and tell 75% of the story and analyze the characters. I want to form my own opinions, gosh darn it! And I’ll just bet some of you do as well. In other words, I’ll be providing mini-book reviews. I’ll give you my impressions and the general flavor of the books. If you need more than an appetizer, go read bookmarks magazine or the New York Times Book Review.

Hopefully, you’ll appreciate my style… and the fact that I’ve never used WordPress and don’t know what I’m doing. But mostly my style… Stay tuned, readers. We’re headed for the Verge.


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  1. Kelly

    I can’t wait!

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