Book Club…

Well, I went and discussed Ender’s Game last night. It was pretty good. I didn’t like it as much as Hunger Games, but it had the same dystopian feel to it. Not everyone will love it, but if you liked Hunger Games, enjoy young protagonists pitted against nasty grownups, you’ll probably like it.

We discussed next books and here is where I may get into trouble. Those of you who know me… know I’m on the verge. I read everything and anything. The Help wasn’t in, which I took as a good sign, but no book was chosen. My suggestions: Room, Mr. Peanut, Great House, and more unconventional selections were countered with your usual book discussion club picks. You know the ones. They usually have Oprah’s seal of approval. Hero, heroine, adversity, death, triumph, whatever. I won’t last long with those kinds of books.

I’ll be looking to shake things up, so we’ll see what happens. Just wait until I push them into The Eyre Affair or Slaughterhouse Five… Or maybe just Island of the Sequined Love Nun. I actually mentioned that one last night. Pretty sure one woman almost had a stroke.



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4 responses to “Book Club…

  1. I must read Room. I’ve heard so many good things.

  2. WotV

    Yes, you must.

  3. GREAT BLOG! You are one of the best writers I’ve seen in a long long time. I hope you keep writing because people like you inspire me!

  4. Very informative blog here. I couldn’t have made a better one if my life depended on it.

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