The Help

You know how I was judging The Help by its cover and didn’t want to read it because it was kind of mustardy colored with purply-grey birds and a bumpy round thingy around a boring font with the title? Well, I was right. The book was mustardy and purply grey, bumpy and round, and a little boring. (yeah, that’s a metaphor)

It was good. The end was not great. 



Filed under Mini-Spoiler-Free Book Reviews

2 responses to “The Help

  1. Molly

    Thank you!! I was wondering what you would write about this book. I keep reading rave reviews and some women at the gym were blabbering on about how it was the best book they ever read. Huh? It’s OK I guess but I certainly wouldn’t put it in the great book category. Made me wonder if something was wrong with me that I didn’t love it.

    I know you don’t want spoilers so I’ll be discreet here …. that part about the maid and the cake …. JUST GROSS!!!! And not very clever either.

  2. Cindy

    I’ve never been a fan of bumpy books. Like mid-flight turbulence, they always leave me feeling a tad nauseous.

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