Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand by Helen Simonson

Some of you may know that I had some surgery on my cervical spine a few weeks ago. I figured that I would read this book for my book club during my recovery. Well…. between the sedating effect of the first half of the book and the meds I was taking I didn’t finish it.

The setting seemed incongruous – the old fashioned behaviors and dialogue and then someone whips out a cell phone. The entire first half of the book moves entirely too slowly. Especially if you are taking prescription drugs for muscle relaxation and pain. I’m told that others felt this way as well, so apparently it wasn’t just the drugs.

It wasn’t a BAD book. The language was lovely in some parts. It’s just not a book to read if you want something to happen. Or at least, happen in the first half of the book.

As for me? I returned it to the library unfinished.


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