Todd Keisling – A Life Transparent Book Club Interview

Last Thursday, Todd Keisling, author of A Life Transparent, was brave enough to meet (via technology) with my book club, the Pageturners. Skype failed us, but luckily my iPhone on speaker worked out just fine. My group not only liked the book, they were hassling Todd for previews of the sequels!

On the surface A Life Transparent might not look like a book club book. It kind of seems like a creepy, scary, very un-book club-like tale. But once you begin, you find that it is more fable than fear. As is my custom, I will not spoil the book for you, but trust me, if  you and your group look beyond the superficial, you may just find A LOT to talk about. Oh, and Todd’s publisher even provided a reader’s guide!

As for Todd, he was charming, forthcoming, and honest. He answered every question, no matter how personal or probing, with kindness and humility. We, as a group, highly recommend ALT as a book club selection or an independent read… Of course if all you ever read is non-fiction you may find yourself in the Monochrome…


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