Stephen King and… JFK?

Well, I finally finished Stephen King’s 11/22/63.  All 849 pages of it. I’m pretty sure my biceps are buffer than when I started. That is one bigass book.

Size aside, this is not typical King fare, so if you are looking to be scared to go to the bathroom during the night or not let any of your limbs dangle over the side of the bed, this book won’t do it. Sure, there’s some hinky stuff in there, but this isn’t horror. This is about time travel, the butterfly effect, fate, and what really could happen if someone could go back to the past and right a wrong. Will it make things better? Well, Mr. King has a way with words and he kept me asking that question for 849 pages. And I have to say that every page was worth it because the man is one hell of a writer.

Don’t read this if you are looking for the next “IT”. But read it if you enjoy reading.


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