Neglecting my Book Duties?

Sorry, folks. I have been extremely busy with work and with one child graduating from High School.

I will take this moment to apologize and to add that I have given in to reading the Fifty Shades trilogy, if only so I can mock them properly. If I read the word thrust one more time I may hurl. But I will treat you to a nice review… maybe not nice. Soon. As soon as I slog through the last one.


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2 responses to “Neglecting my Book Duties?

  1. djmichealsfics

    I might have to ask you to fling this to me.

    Truly I’ve heard that I should find something else as there is much, much, much better fanfic out there that isn’t redundant with the words ‘thrust’ and ‘member’ and ‘turgid’.

    • Send me your recommendations for good erotica to share in my post, and I’m happy to credit you. Fifty Shades of Disappointment and Schizophrenia is just crap.

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