The Mystery of the Missing Writer on the Verge

You may or may not have noticed that I’ve been missing. Well, part of it is to be blamed on perimenopause. I can’t remember anything… including the password to this site or the email I used to create it. Today I finally broke the code and made it back.

I have also been working like a crazy person. I write. I write words with grammar and punctuation for other people. For a fee, I will put them in order. I have been working a lot.

I also have a website. I’d hyperlink it, but I’m in the quick draft and for some reason this thing won’t open a new post for me. Yes, I am being abused by WordPress. First I’m locked out, and now I can’t use the actual editor. Is this a sign?

I suppose I should figure out how to move this stuff over there, but considering my incredibly huge deficiency in WP knowledge, perhaps that’s a bad idea and you should just go there. I’m behind on blogging there, too. But on LinkedIn I’m mostly not behind. Kind of. But you can just look for me. How many people have my name? Wait. Do you know my name? Oh, this is ridiculous.


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