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Mindfulness – DBT Books

If you suffer from anxiety, depression, or similar conditions (I do), you may find Dialectical Behavioral Therapy to be helpful. There are many books available on the subject, many from Shambhala Publications. I recommend The Mindfulness Revolution, The Five Keys to a Mindful Communication, and Awake in the World.

Mindfulness is the key to DBT and is truly helpful. Awake in the World also incorporates balancing life and using meditation and yoga. I LOVE yoga! In fact, Shambhala also has Yoga for Emotional Balance, which I also find to be very interesting and helpful.

While these books are informative and interesting, they will not replace the need for therapy or medication in severe cases of depression and/or anxiety. Think of them as a supplemental resource. Mindfulness can change your mind… and your life.


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